Thailand Pass Documents Guide

Updated April 28th with the latest requirements for arrivals in May. For any last minute arrivals in April, you still need to book hotel & covid test on arrival.

The new Thailand pass requirements can very confusing and complicated. We have put together this guide to help you. We highly recommend taking a few minutes to read through it before submitting your documents to us. We have processed over a 1000 Thailand Passes and in our experience around 60-70% of people initially get some of these wrong, which results in delays.

The documents you will need for Thailand Pass are

  • Your flight reservation
  • Passport
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Insurance with minimum coverage of at least 10,000 USD

Only for unvaccinated tourists

All of the above and proof of negative PCR covid test result 72 hours or less before departure flight. Please note this result will need to be uploaded into Thailand Pass system, thus you will only be able to apply for Thailand pass once you have it.

Insurance (not required for Thai nationals)

After hotels, this is the second document that many people get wrong. Your travel insurance documents needs to:

  • Cover medical expenses for at least US$ 10,000 or equivalent in another currency
  • Have dates of coverage which should be your total time in Thailand
  • Have your name on it
  • Have policy number on it
  • It’s highly recommended for the document to be in English for faster approval

For insurance documents NOT in English and not in US Dollars, we recommend you highlight the above sections on your document.

Ideally you should receive a 1 page insurance cover letter from your provider, stating all of the above. Do not submit a full 30 page insurance booklet. Multiple page policies may also confuse the government and cause rejections. If you have not yet purchased insurance you may consider AXA insurance where you can get a quote and confirmation letter instantly.

Example of correct insurance document – it shows customers, name, dates of coverage and the amount (amount in Thai baht which equals more than US$ 10,000)

Example of incorrect incomplete document – this has all the information BUT does not mention the coverage amount. On a policy like this, the amount of coverage could be on a different page. In this case you’d need to provide both pages to us, or ask your insurance for a cover letter like the above example.

Vaccination certificate

This is not complicate. Your certificate should be in a document that

  • is clearly visible and readable
  • has your name on it
  • has dates and brands of ALL doses

A common mistake we get is when sending this document via screen shot from a phone, some of the needed information is often cropped off.

If your certificate has a QR code, it should be included and clearly readable. Vaccine certificates with QR codes get approved much faster.

For some countries where the certificate only shows the LAST dose (often on EU certificates it will show last dose 2/2 or 3/3) we still need to know dates and brands of vaccines for all previous doses – this is information that must be entered into the Thailand Pass system.


This one is simple, just need your FULL front passport page with all the details clearly visible

Flight reservation

Full flight details with airline, fight number, and dates of travel clearly visible.