Refund policy


We provide a refund policy PRIOR to you engaging our services to obtain your Thailand Pass QR code. By making a purchase of services on this website, you agree and accept to be bound by the terms of this refund policy.


If you have provided us with all of the requested information and documents and we are not able to obtain your Thailand Pass QR code in a reasonable timeframe, a full refund will be issued within 7 days. Please note this ONLY applies for issues under our control. Please read non refundable terms below.


Before you submit your documents for review

If you decide not to use our service for whatever reason BEFORE you have submitted your documents we will issue a refund, minus a $30 administrative fee. The $30 fee partially covers our marketing cost (for you to find us online), time reviewing your submission and time processing the refund.

After you submit your documents for review

Our service fee is NON REFUNDABLE once you have submitted your documents and we start the process of obtaining your Thailand Pass QR code. Once you engage our services we have fixed costs on our end such as: marketing costs and our time spent consulting you on the requirements, reviewing your documents and obtaining your Thailand Pass QR code.

Our fee is non refundable for ANY reasons out of our control such as but not limited to:

  • You cancel or postpone your trip for for ANY reason including Covid related travel restrictions, testing positive for Covid and not being able to travel, any personal reasons etc.
  • You decide not to travel to Thailand and no longer need Thailand Pass
  • You decide to obtain Thailand Pass yourself or via another company
  • Thailand pass is removed as a requirement to travel to Thailand by Thai government.
  • You do not respond to our requests to provide missing / additional information needed for your application.

Unresponsive customers

All refund requests must be sent to us in writing to [email protected] We will NOT initiate any refunds unless a customer contacts us to request a refund. If a customer has not responded to 2 or more of our attempts to contact them in 5 or more days, we will not initiate a refund. This is because we may be trying to contact the customer to collect missing information and documents to complete their application.


With any refund, a 3% credit card processing fee will not be refunded. This fee is from our credit card processor and not from us.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]